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Interview de Dejan JANKOVIC, OL

Last Name :Jankovic                      First name : Dejan

Position(s) : OL/DL

Birthdate : 22.06.1991
Height 183
Weight : 145

Is it your first trip to Europe or to France ?
What is your feeling about this first experience in football in France ?

No that is not my first trip to Europe I’ve alredy traveled all around Europe with my ex team Kragujevac Wild Boars

My feeling is so good im so excited because this will be my first seasoned where I will be dedicated only for football

What do you know about American Football in France/Europe ?

I don’t know so much I know that the football in the French is  twice time older than in Serbia and that the level of American football in the French is high but could certainly be higher


What do you know about the city of Thonon and the Black Panthers Football team?

Almoust nothing  I was in Thonon  2011 years with the Kragujevac Wild Boars when we played the EFAF Cup Semi final….Thonon Black Panthers are good team I saw it when I play against them. I saw that it’s not just people who play football but that these are also good friends and that is most important for one good team